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Strategic Transformation
for Changemakers who are
Transforming our wolrd



To Deliver Results
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transformational change

Focus on the most impactful opportunities
Address the elephants and cows
Renew excellence and discipline in execution
Make changes that matter to your bottom lines

organizational development

Position leaders for success
Align structure and strategy
Commit to and support the critical path 
Establish clear metrics and relevant incentives
Strengthen culture to support strategy

strategic business planning

Focus and refine the business model
Ensure market fit and relevance 
Identify and plan to mitigate risks 
Clarify growth goals and timing
Develop operational and financial plans

Address the elephants
and the cows

THE adviser(s)

David Clark
profiles coming soon...

"Led this masterfully… we had a guide, counselor, friend, and task master who held us accountable to timelines and outcomes. He facilitated real decisions and hard choices that have made us more focused”

Patrick Kelley, VIce President

"brings clarity, integrity and fun to help businesses…any business or group seeking to broaden their impact and develop an actionable agenda... a capable and inclusive leader, bringing an appropriate mix of the intuitive and the analytical to shepherd multiple viewpoints into a winning strategy"

Sarah Bellos, CEO

“would definitely recommend…brings alignment…will have him work with everyone in the company”

Arun mohan, CEO

"led our team through a complex set of issues that we weren't clear on. He was energetic, sensitive and clear in his leadership. The outcome was great...new ideas and a strong sense of possibility... very easy to work with and will listen to your needs. He will become so familiar with your organization that he will feel like part of your team."

John criswell, Southeast director